The Four Basic Concepts To Achieving Success – Insights From “Your Wish Is Your Command”

If you’re into personal development and have been striving to achieve success, but haven’t yet found that “secret” that actually gets you there, you’re not alone.

In fact, ever since I got into the self development world in 2012, I’ve been wondering why not everyone becomes as successful as they want to be. I remember times I spent in the bookstore, as my appetite for self help books increased, becoming lost and even disillusioned by the masses of book options available. Seriously, something didn’t feel right about this! Many of them I read were another watered-down version and recycled piece of information that really didn’t help move me any further in life. Can you relate?

Every once in a while, I came across a really quality book that did shift my life in a positive direction when I applied the knowledge. But these books were rare…

Recently, one of my friends sent me a link to an audio program by Kevin Trudeau. I remember reading one of his books years ago, and decided to give it a listen. Not long into the first part, I was blown away by the power of the information in here that was being kept from most people in these “secret societies”. It was simple, but profound. I’m only through the first three “CDs” but wanted to share the principles that were shared so far.

Kevin talks about 4 basic concepts to achieving success that the elite and super successful people have mastered. The concepts are as follow:

  1. Who Do You Listen To
  2. Teachability Index
  3. Training/Balance Scale
  4. Four Steps To Processing New Information

Before you skim over them quickly, thinking “I know that”, remember that if you aren’t doing it in your own life, you haven’t really learned it.

Let’s go through each one briefly, so you understand the general concept.

Who Do You Listen To

I realised after listening to this audio program that being critical and selective of who you listen to (including books you read, programs you take, speakers you listen to, etc) is of paramount importance.

At the fundamentals, never take what someone says to heart and apply it, unless they themselves have achieved what they are sharing with you. Kevin goes on to say that there are so many books that have made-up stories, examples, and theories that never have actually been tested thoroughly in the real world. Therefore, people who read it end up believing this is the solution, when all it does is lead them to a dead end of disappointment.

Here’s a good example: Imagine you want to learn how become a world-class chef. Why would you go to a chef who doesn’t even know how to bake a cake, when you could instead find an actual world-class chef who has really achieved this status who you can learn from directly? Makes sense, right?

The tricky part is that a lot of super successful people don’t even write their own books. So how can that information be accurate to help readers get to where they are? There’s lots of information that they aren’t sharing probably because they don’t want the public to become as successful as them. Therein is why the true knowledge is guarded by these secret societies and a lot of disinformation is put out into the world.

In summary, I personally, have learned a big lesson here… to always know inside and out who I’m learning from and make sure it’s as real as real. Best is in-person mentoring from someone who has achieved what I want to achieve.

Teachability Index

The teachability index is one of the most powerful concepts I’ve heard. It’s simple, but is that massive piece of leverage that separates average people from the extraordinary successes.

There are two dimensions to the Teachability Index:

  1. Willingness to Learn
  2. Willingness to Change

Teachability Index = Willingness to Learn x Willingness to Change

The two questions you need to ask yourself to see how willing you are to learn are: What are you willing to give up? What are you willing to invest in time and money?

Rate yourself from a scale of 1 to 10

The next question is how willing are you to change?

Rate yourself from a scale of 1 to 10

Multiply the two numbers and you have the Teachability Index score. You need it to be 100 to reach the highest levels of success. In fact, you need to have an “I’ll do whatever it takes to learn this” type of attitude.

This is so so powerful, I want to keep asking myself from now on, every time I want to achieve something. Then I can see where I’m really at and what I need to really do to make progress. It’s all about being honest to myself and not lying.

Training/Balance Scale

Another powerful concept that blew my mind was this one. Think of a scale where on one end, you have what goes on inside your mind, how you think and feel, and the “why” behind things (thoughts, thinking, desires, dreams, goals, attitude, mental processes, objectives, vibration, intention, energy, emotions, motivation).

On the other side of the scale is what you do, or the “how” (actions, movements, techniques, strategies, action steps, plans, activities, physical actions).

The key of this scale is that you should focus on learning both, but in the following ratio:

99.9% of your focus should be on the thinking, and only 0.1% of the focus should be on the actions.

This is the secret!

Four Steps To Learning

This one I’m familiar with, but I have to admit, I don’t “know” because like most people I haven’t mastered and applied it fully in all my actions and behaviour yet. Now I’m aware of it’s importance and will focus on the basics.

All new information we process goes through the following steps:

  1. Unconscious Incompetence – you don’t know what you don’t know
  2. Conscious Incompetence – you know that you don’t know something
  3. Conscious Competence – you know that you know something
  4. Unconscious Competence – you know and it happens automatically

For our dreams to manifest at record speeds, we need to master everything at the unconscious competence level. Just like if you’ve been driving for many years, you’ve mastered this skill at the unconscious competence level.

How do you do this? Through repetition of the right thought processes and actions.

That’s as far as I got, feel free to check out the audio CDs on YouTube and the slide notes:

Slide Notes Source: https://www.slideshare.net/ericppatel/your-wish-is-your-command-10124673

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Your Mind Is Like a Magnet

Every thought you focus on is charged with energy, just like if a seed is watered it will germinate into a sprout. Depending on the nature of the thought, it will grow into a dynamic force which will eventually yield the fruits of its vibrational nature.

Your mind sends out energy & frequency based on the dominant nature of the thoughts you focus on consistently. The law of nature is “like attracts like”, just as physical magnets do.

You may argue that north magnets attract south magnets – isn’t that opposite? What you have to understand is that the frequency that the north magnet emits is that of the south magnet, hence is why it attracts the south magnet to it.

The advantage you and I have as a human being is we can change the frequency and vibration consciously in our mind, which makes it akin to a dynamic magnet. The more we concentrate on a single thought, the more we magnetise it with our energy and it starts to pull towards us everything with similar vibrations.

Think mostly positive thoughts and your life will reflect positivity internally and externally. Think sad thoughts and you will feel sad and attract people, places, things and circumstances that make you feel sad. Do you see how powerful your mind is? Focus on what you want to magnetise to you.

The law of association plays its part on all levels, including on the thought level. Thought is one of the highest forms of organised energy and through thought, everything else can be influenced.

Hold a strong magnet near a piece of iron and suddenly the iron is charged with the same vibration which turns it into a magnet too. Combine multiple magnets together and the magnetic force of all of them combined cause them to become more powerful and attract things even further away.

The beautiful thing with thought is that distance does not define or limit it. We can be anywhere on earth, in the solar system, in our galaxy, or anywhere in the universe, and our thoughts travel through the ether seeking and harmonising with similar vibrations.

Another way of thinking about it is a specific frequency is played on a speaker. In a row, there are 3 tuning forks. Only one of them starts to vibrate because it resonates and harmonises with the sound coming from the speaker. The rest are seemingly unaffected.

Remember, you attract what you think about most of the time. Your mind is like a magnet, so be conscious of what you want to create in your life.

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The Power of the Master Mind

Imagine the power of two or more minds coming together to be able to tap into deeper knowledge banks and creativity that would not be possible alone. This is the potential of the master mind.

What is a master mind? Common knowledge, such as the Oxford dictionary says a mastermind is “an intelligent person who plans and directs a complicated project or activity”. But this is not what we are talking about here.

The term “master mind” (note that these are two separate words) was made popular in the self development world by Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich book. Based on this definition, people in the personal development world generally define a master mind is a gathering of people to share ideas with and come up with solutions. But is this it? No – it goes deeper than that…

Before we dive deep into what a master mind really is and how it can help you achieve your wildest dreams (it’s one of the laws of success), let’s back up a bit and talk about some fundamental principles that govern the universe, to understand the dynamics of this incredible tool.

Everything Is Energy

Remember our old friend, Mr. Einstein? He said:

It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.

Energy = Mass x The Speed of Light Squared (E=MC2)

Every atom in the universe is in a state of vibration. Different forms of matter vibrate at different frequencies and hence appear different to our limited senses. Most types of energies are invisible to us, because our 5 senses are designed to only pick up on a tiny fraction of what is actually around us in constant motion.

Now, think about radio waves and how they work. They are invisible, but allow you to use your mobile phone and communicate with others all over the world. How does that work? Through invisible frequencies that go through matter and travel a lot faster than we can imagine.

A radio wave has a certain frequency (cycles per second or Hertz) and power or Amplitude. A stronger signal allows the wave to travel further.

So what does this all have to do with master minds? Hold on, we’re going to get there! A few more important concepts to cover so you really grasp the mechanics of how this works…

Your brain and mind can be compared to a radio transmitter & receiver. It sends out thoughts into the universe, which carry a specific frequency based on the nature of that thought. This thought may have a high frequency or a low frequency, and it may be sent out with high energy or low energy.

Like Attracts Like

Energy will always harmonize with and attract other energies that are vibrating at the same frequency. A simple example explains this in the real world:

Imagine a tuning fork vibrating at 432Hz. It comes close to another tuning fork that is tuned to 500Hz. Nothing much happens. Now, take that same tuning fork and move it close to another one with the same tuned frequency and watch what happens – the other one starts vibrating without even touching. Magic? No – it’s because the two are energetically tuned at the same frequency, so they harmonize together.

Now, the exact same principle applies in the realm of thoughts. Focusing on a thought causes your mind to attract similar thoughts in your own mind, ether, and others around you. In fact, that thought ripples out into the universe and harmonizes with everything that is at a similar or like frequency. Those energies start attracting each other and as they combine and work together in harmony, the force gets stronger.

So, imagine this – two or more minds coming together focusing on a common objective and in harmony with each other. These two minds merge into a “master” mind which allows both individual minds to access a much greater field of knowledge, insights, ideas & possibilities than would have been possible alone. The more minds that come together to form a master mind, the more powerful the one mind gets. It’s exponential.

All this happens at an energetic, subconscious, and superconscious level that we’re not even necessarily aware of. You’ve probably experienced this before where you’re hanging out with a good friend (natural harmony), and you always seems to have fresh ideas pop up when around them. Or whenever you’re in the presence of a really calm person, you naturally start feeling calmer as well.


According to Napoleon Hill in his book “The Law of Success in 16 Lessons”, he says a ‘Master Mind may be developed by a friendly alliance, in a spirit of harmony of purpose, between two or more minds.’

So the first step is a “friendly alliance” which basically means a common understanding, relationship, or connection between two or more people.

The next part of the equation is that these people need to have a common harmonious purpose in which to energetically vibrate together as one unit (“master mind”). Without these two things, a master mind cannot form and the great potential of such a phenomenon will not be achieved.

When you form a master mind, it allows all of the individual minds to access a much deeper and richer reservior of knowledge and realisations than they could each do on their own. With that power, each person can easily find solutions to their biggest challenges and come up with creative ideas that most people never have a chance to imagine in their own minds.

Do you now see how important it is to form your own master mind of people who are where you want to be? It’s absolutely critical to success, otherwise, if you are hanging around others who aren’t necessarily the healthiest for you, your life will be affected in a negative way.

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The Roots Yield the Fruits

In this post, we’re going to be covering a very simple but important concept – a principle that really can apply to anything in life.

Cause and effect is a basic law of the universe. Energies constantly transform from one form to another in constant flux as they interact with and affect other energies around them.

That means every effect has a root cause and stems from something. It’s interesting because, in the West, society is programmed to ignore looking at the causes of things and become distracted by focusing on the effects…

Think about how the medical world operates by trying to suppress or get rid of symptoms while ignoring the core problems that caused them; how the media manipulates the mind into fear by exaggerating stories while hiding the actual truths below the surface; how we fear death but forget where we came from.

To best explain this concept of how the “roots yield the fruits”, think about a fruit tree – let’s say an apple tree. The fruits are the “effect” or the visible result of whatever has happened before in the process that we don’t necessarily see right away.

We bite into an apple and find it too sour to continue eating. Ughhh – “I don’t want that!” we think. OK, but what if we realized that the problem is not the apple, but the cause that created the apple in the first place. Maybe the soil wasn’t ideal, or the fruit tree didn’t get the right nutrients or sunlight to create an apple that tastes sweet and delicious.

What I’m getting at here is that we have to change the roots to change the fruits. If we focus on the fruits and cut them down because they don’t match our expectations, thinking (& hoping) next season they’ll be better, we’ll be disillusioned with the same fruits again.

It’s not until we realize that we need to either plant new roots or heal the existing roots of that tree by addressing the causes, that we’ll be able to experience better fruits – ones that are actually delightful to taste.

This is how most people deal with their lives. They think they can change their lives (the fruits) by simply “doing” something different, not realising that behaviours and patterns stem from emotions and thoughts first created in the mind (the roots).

I remember when I was around 16 years old and just started at public high school. I was still a very shy person, and quickly became stuck in a comfort zone of a small group of friends, never breaking out to expand and grow. Deep inside I wanted to change my life and be seen as a different kind of person rather than this shy, awkward guy, but my fears kept me in a mental prison of limitations. Things kind of started going down hill from there and I started to slack on grades and hang out with not the best influences.

My parents noticed quickly and decided to put me into private school instead. This was not only a huge investment for them, but something they believed would help me get back on track in the right direction.

Within weeks I found myself in a brand new environment, where nobody knew me and where I hoped that I could become a new person (or at least be perceived differently than I was before).

I was quickly disillusioned when only after a few weeks, I found myself in the same patterns and situations as before, just a different scenario.

The point is that “the fruits” stayed the same, because I never addressed the core issues inside of myself (“the roots”) that were creating my life before my eyes. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties when I realised this and became aware that actually – in order to change my life I really need to change myself first. I need to reinvent the roots to produce new fruits.

So ask yourself this – in any area(s) of your life, where are your “fruits” (situations, people, patterns, results) showing up the same, over and over again?

Then ask yourself, what is the core cause(s) of this? Why do you think it is showing up for you the way it is? What do you need to change within YOURSELF first, before the results can change in your life?

These are difficult questions, but necessary ones – that if we avoid, we’ll keep creating the same results over and over and over again – UNTIL… we change/heal/fix the root cause.

So whenever you feel stuck in life – remember the analogy of the fruit tree and how the roots always yield the fruits.

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Thought Ripples In Eternity

Everything in the universe is vibrating at a certain frequency and sends out its energy in ripples of energetic waves throughout the cosmos.

Nature is so simple – it reflects its kaleidoscopic fractal nature in all aspects including in the forms our human eyes can see. Look at what happens when you splash about in a lake – the motion or energy of your movement is sent out in ripples throughout the vast waterscape.

Since matter is a much denser form of energy, it absorbs the waves faster, so it doesn’t travel that far. But, the interesting thing is the higher the energy and vibration, the further it can travel, to the point where it transcends time and space – like with thoughts.

Thoughts are things. You’ve probably heard that phrase before. Is that really true? A thought is a form of energy – just like a physical object – but a whole lot more subtle and much much finer. Thought can create and manifest itself within more dense forms of energy (like matter) according to its specific nature (its frequency and vibrational pattern).

When you focus on a thought in your mind, you give it energy and amplify it, which sends that energy/vibration into the universe, like a ripple in the lake. That thought passes through the different layers (physical, astral, mental) of the cosmos and resonates with and attracts energies of similar vibrations. (Think of two tuning forks with the same frequency next to each other).

When two or more thought-waves are in harmony & sync with each other they create a resonance that amplifies the combined waveform and increases the overall energy. This creates a magnetic pull to attract even more thoughts that are alike. Just like a planet with a greater mass has a stronger gravitational field, so does a larger, more powerful thought field have a bigger magnetic pull to it.

So the question is – what kind of thoughts are you sending out into the universe? Do you realize that these thoughts are creating your reality? Can you start to become aware of how thought patterns over time in your life create the exact circumstances that they represent? It can be both shocking, and exciting at the same time – depending on how you want to see it.

Do you want happier and more abundant experiences in your life? Then the question is are you exuding happy and abundant thoughts on a daily basis? Are you FEELING happy and FEELING abundant on a consistent basis? Feeling (emotion – or energy in motion) charges that thought with energy to send out its vibrational pattern into the universe and attract that which it is. What are you attracting?

You have the power to change your thoughts – only you can take charge of making this happen, nobody else. It’s scary and uncomfortable because it puts 100% responsibility into your own life. No blaming. No victim games. No shying away from the raw reality of life. This is truth. Time to start living and being what you want to create in your life.

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Who Do You Listen To?

Who do you listen to? This is one of the most important questions you will ask yourself throughout your lifetime and will ultimately determine your success and happiness. It will fundamentally shape who you are as a person and mold your mind and reality.

Why is This Important?

Before we go into the “who” of the question, we need to understand why is this question so important to ask in the first place. Whenever you’re learning something new, there are two ways you can gain information or knowledge:

  1. Through your own life by direct experience
  2. By listening to and learning from others

Think of your brain as a supercomputer (it’s much much more!). And the software that runs on that hardware is your mind – and the knowledge and information you feed it are the instructions that you give it.

Your output (results in life) can only produce quality results if you feed it quality information or input. Therefore, to ensure that you get the best output possible, isn’t it important to be aware of what you put into your mind?

Of course it is!

Most Facts Are Opinions

Now here’s another distinction that is vitally important to understand. Most so-called “facts” that are shared by others are merely (at best!) their own opinions. That means most “facts” aren’t even facts or rooted in reality or truth. They are simply someone else’s opinion about what they think the truth is or what they want the truth to be.

We’ll use food as an analogy throughout this to understand the concepts.

If a stranger puts a plate of food in front of you, wouldn’t you want to know what it is before eating it? Wouldn’t you want to know where it came from and who made it?

Of course you would! How do you know it’s not poisoned? How do you know it’s not what it looks like? What is the intention of the person serving it to you?

This is what should be done with ALL information coming your way.

Information is the building block for the decisions you make in your life, which determines your end results. So in order to build the best life possible – in finances, health, relationships, and all areas of life – wouldn’t it make sense to find the truest and the best information out there?

To bake the ultimate chocolate cake, there’s a specific method to follow in order and a certain ratio and type of ingredients needed to create that cake. If the recipe is altered or even the slightest bit off from the true recipe, the cake won’t taste or end up the same.

So it is with life – get false information and make wrong decisions that lead to unwanted results. Get true information and make the right decisions that lead to your intended outcome.

With so much information out there on the internet, in the media, from governments, and “authority” figures, it’s more important than ever to question who do I listen to?

The Untrustworthy “Credible” News Company

Let’s break down an example to understand why it’s not necessarily wise to trust a so-called “trusted” authority:

Let’s take a fictional new corporation. We’ll call it LMD News – standing for Lies, Misinformation, and Distraction LOL!

LMD News owns a hundred other news portals and companies, all which ‘appear’ independent and unique – but still controlled and censored by LMD. LMD is owned by shareholders which have certain interests and agendas for the society and the economy, so what kind of information and messages that gets put out to its network will be obviously biased.

Now, one of those companies let’s call it BNC for Big News Corporation – has been around for ages and is the biggest in the industry. It has government affiliations yet it’s still privately owned.

Now imagine you – turning on the TV or going to the BNC website to get the latest news. You trust it simply based on the fact that it’s been around a while, it’s the biggest, and the government gives it the thumbs up. But still – how do you know the information you get isn’t filtered through a certain perception that LMD wants its viewers to adopt?

Get to the Roots and Ask

You’ve got to go to the roots and ask – what are the motives of the LMD shareholders? Who are they as people? Why are they censoring certain messages and pushing other narratives, giving a biased view on certain topics and events? Why do they point fingers and label things as “fake news” from other sources – how do they know it’s not real? What gives them the right to say some information is “fake” over another?

People hundreds of years ago thought the earth was flat and everyone who said the earth was round was labeled a lunatic, or in modern words the information would have been a “conspiracy theory” or “fake news”. Yet hundreds of years later, we found that the earth was indeed round.

Question everything and everyone. Dig deep to really find out whether the information and messages you are getting is for your highest benefit and true, based on real evidence and facts that haven’t been tampered with.

Because this information will be the raw materials you’ll be basing your assumptions and decisions on, which if false, creates a fake and skewed world view of reality and results in failure.

Are you ready to step up with the courage to ask yourself who do I listen to?

Because if you do, your whole life can change!

Who Do You Listen To?

So who DO you listen to? Listen to people who have been where you are now and are where you want to be. Listen to people who truly have your best interests in mind and never a hidden agenda which is for their own gain. Listen to people who are intelligent, base their information on real facts and untampered scientific evidence, and who have a good heart, with a foundation of spiritual and ethical principles.

Shut off the mass media. Do your own research from independent non-biased sources, and don’t believe everything everyone says. Use your heart and intuition because that is the truest form of identifying the truth from the lies.

To develop your intuition, the best and fastest way is through meditation. Yes, that’s right – that’s it. The more people meditate in the world, the more clearly they will see through the BS and the world and their lives will start to shift in incredible positive ways.

Now is the time to start. Who do you listen to?

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