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About Mindset Magnetics™

Curious to find out more about Mindset Magnetics™? This is what we are all about and our founder and history.

About the Founder

Gabriel Both was born and raised in Canada and discovered personal development in 2009 which started to open his mind to the limitless opportunities in life & success. Soon after he graduated with his Computer Science Undergrad degree, he moved to London, United Kingdom and started a new life.

His journey throughout his life shaped his character and made him learn important lessons to gain valuable experience so he can help others overcome similar challenges. From heart-breaks that took years to heal to being broke to the point where he was struggling to pay bills, to quitting his job permanently and building a successful digital marketing agency with clients across the globe, while healing his relationship with his parents and discovering his passion in life, the growth is never-ending.

When Gabriel was 21 years old he had a scary experience which took him over a year to recover from. He fell into depression and adrenal fatigue which challenged him in many ways. During this dark time in his life, he decided to quit alcohol for life and more importantly, discovered his spiritual path which started to transform him deeply by powerful regular meditation practices and spiritual wisdom.

After over many years of being an entrepreneur & business owner while continuing with developing his mindset, Gabriel realised his passion was in teaching and helping others discover & realise their untapped potential within themselves and their business through life-transforming mindset methods and applying fundamental laws of the universe to tap into the power we all have access to.

That's why he founded Mindset Magnetics™ as a platform to be able to share his experiences as well as the knowledge & wisdom of other people who are living proof of what they teach.